Olajide Ogunsola

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…a piece of living history from the internationally acclaimed Osogbo art movement.

About Olajide Ogunsola and his art
Olajide Ogunsola is a protege of the acclaimed Yoruba artist Prince Taiwo Olaniyi. The late Prince Olaniyi, famously known as Prince Twins Seven Seven (Twins) was a doyen of the Osogbo art movement (the Osogbo School). Ogunsola became an apprentice of Twins in his teens and hence has been a part of the Osogbo art scene since his youth. The Osogbo school was one of prominent art movements in Nigeria in the 1960s and 1970s. The art movement along with its associated artists were actively involved in the Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture held in Nigeria in 1977 (Festac 77). As well as Twins, other artists and entities linked to the Osogbo school include the late Susan Wenger, the late Ulli Beier, Jimoh Buraimoh, Nike Davies-Okundaye, the Mbari Mbayo Club and Iwalewahaus Germany

Ogunsola is prolific in a number of mediums. Using essentially Yoruba narratives and motifs that remain loyal to the Osogbo school, the artist produces pieces bursting with intricate detail on wood, paper, cloth and in beads. Ogunsola’s art pays homage to the internationally renowned annual Osun festival and the various other cultural events that the town of Osogbo has come to be known for. There is a lot in Osogbo for Ogunsola to draw inspiration from including and especially the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove. The symbiosis of the Grove; Osogbo, the town; and the Osogbo School worked in tandem to the benefit of entities, earning each one an international recognition, in its own right. Ogunsola’s association with these various entities means owning the artist’s work is in effect owning a piece of African art history. Ogunsola’s works featured on the GalleriaClic are intricately painted motifs on paper and cloth.

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